Friday, May 18, 2012

Mathematics -CCSS

Math - CCSS
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A taste of newfangled word problems

New Common Core standards are due to roll out in 46 states by 2014. They're designed to get students ready for college and careers by requiring them to think, write and explain their reasoning. They also de-emphasize multiple-choice test questions in favor of written responses. Here's an example for New York City fifth-graders:
Old question: Randa ate 3/8 of a pizza, and Marvin ate 1/8 of the same pizza. What fraction of the pizza did Randa and Marvin eat?
a. 5/8
b. 3/8
c. 1/4
d. 1/2
(Answer: d)
New question: Tito and Luis are stuffed with pizza! Tito ate one-fourth of a cheese pizza. Tito ate three-eighths of a pepperoni pizza. Tito ate one-half of a mushroom pizza. Luis ate five-eights of a cheese pizza. Luis ate the other half of the mushroom pizza. All the pizzas were the same size. Tito says he ate more pizza than Luis because Luis did not eat any pepperoni pizza. Luis says they each ate the same amount of pizza. Who is correct? Show all your mathematical thinking.
(Answer: Luis is right — both ate 1 1/8 of a pizza).

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